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AH TRADERS (AHT) headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan is a high-tech company that specializes in promoting and marketing essential product & services for clinical diagnostic applications.

With over 10 years of experience in automated hematology analysis products, we offer one-stop professional packages for clinical blood analysis including high-quality Hematology Analyzer, ESR Analyzer, HbA1c Analyzer, Chemistry Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer, specially formulated Reagents, Quality Control, Calibrators, and surgical items as well as excellent training and maintenance of After-Sale Services.

We market and sell our products nationwide, all these products and services are being used every day in many hospitals, clinical physician offices and research institutes across the country to give safe, accurate, and efficient blood analysis for diagnostic and research purposes.

AH TRADERS, with our distributors and partners, bring together their distinct expertise in the Clinical Diagnostic Industry to meet the varied needs and requirements of all kinds of medical practitioners nationwide.

We are always on the way to pursue better quality and deliver excellent service for the clinical diagnostic industry.